5G Hybrid Internet Power Cables for a Greener and Sustainable Singapore

February 8, 2021 | Alternative Energy | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

G8 SUBSEA & National Quality Award-winner High-Tech Enterprise-Zhongtian Technology Submarine Cable-ZTT is developing the next-generation hybrid composite submarine cable for High Voltage and 5G internet connectivity.

5G Hybrid Internet Power Cables for a Greener and Sustainable Singapore

Presently, over 95% of all the Internet data comes from cables under the sea. With an expected explosion in 5G data, Singaporean company G8 SUBSEA has developed a solution that takes care of the 5G internet demand, but also aims to connect Singapore with Solar Power. The new generation Internet power cable can transmit 5G data plus high-voltage renewable energy connectivity to the Island Nation.

The new generation cable will be especially designed for faster deployment of inter-island connectivity to share high-capacity data and high voltage power across islands to facilitate next-generation smart-grid infrastructure and connectivity in Singapore and Asia.

ZTT Commented: It is a great privilege to be part of shaping and enabling Singapore with ZTT’s proven submarine cable technologies applicable for renewable energy and 5G internet connectivity.

G8 Commented: G8 Subsea is excited about the joint development of the hybrid composite submarine cable with our global technology partner, ZTT. The implementation will certainly boost the nation’s capability and capacity of 5G connectivity, unleashing the required power capacity harvest from nature’s energy source, solar or wind power from our very own Islands. We firmly believe this development accelerates towards the transformation of 5G connectivity and towards the nation’s target of 2GW of renewable energy with inter islands connection.

G8 Subsea is Asia’s leading Subsea engineering solutions provider based in Singapore. The company, under its CABLE Pro line of engineering survives has an extensive track record in developing and constructing offshore energy projects and subsea cable infrastructure across Asia.