Biglift Transported and Installed Two Grab Ship Unloaders in Taiwan

October 25, 2020 | Maritime | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 1min

Recently, Happy Star was operational within the port of Kaohsiung. For Biglift’s client IUK, BigLift’s heavy lift vessel Happy Star transported and installed two brand-new Grab Ship Unloaders (GSUs) weighing 1,700 metric tons each. After successful installation of the new GSUs, Happy Star loaded two old GSUs and shipped them back to the original manufacturing quay for demolition.

Through extensive planning and preparation, and skilful execution by the BigLift team, both ashore and on board Happy Star, the project could be completed on schedule. For this operation, client IUK required a state-of-the-art heavy lift vessel, capable of lifting the GSUs without the use of a stability pontoon. BigLift is proud to be operating this unique vessel, which, with her two 1,100 mt Huisman heavy lift cranes, was the right vessel for these record breaking lifts of the new 1,700 mt GSUs.