Carousel Delivery at Ulstein for the CLV ‘Nexans Aurora’

December 11, 2020 | Maritime | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

During the time span of 2.5 days and after 272 heaves, the carousel equipment for the cable lay vessel Nexans Aurora has been offloaded at Ulstein Verft.

The MAATS Tech Ltd designed equipment arrived Ulstein Verft in early December 2020, and included the carousel with its associated parts, and the two loading arms.

Installation of the carousel by Marine Fabricators Ltd and MAATS engineers has commenced with levelling of the rollers already completed. The on-deck carousel has been designed as a split turntable, enabling a dual lay capability of up to 10,000Te of product. The carousel will be used for the first time when the vessel starts its first assignment on the SeaGreen offshore wind farm next year.

The CLV vessel Nexans Aurora has been designed by Skipsteknisk, and will be delivered to Nexans in 2021.