Energyfact! Transition Pieces (TPs) Offshore Wind Farms

June 28, 2020 | Renewables | Jochem Tacx | 2min

Transition Pieces for Offshore Wind Farms

The Transition Piece (TP) is made up out of a steel pipe construction and is the second part of a Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) foundation, which is directly connected to the Monopile (MP) foundation.

The TP is secured to the MP by the use of a bolted or grouted connection. Some TPs are bolted on top of the flange of the MP connection and reinforced with grout after installation, but this is not always applicable.

The TP connects the WTG with the MP and provides means to correct any misalignment of the foundation that may have occurred during installation, because the verticality of the MP cannot be guaranteed after hammering. It protects the foundation from corrosion and holds essential components including platforms, ladders and boat landing systems, which enables wind turbine technicians and others to access it as required.

The transition piece is painted yellow to improve visibility at sea after installation