Extending Valhall’s Lifetime with Well Plugging

April 29, 2021 | Oil & Gas | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 4min

Plugging of wells at the Valhall field centre has been completed six years earlier and more than five billion Norwegian kroner cheaper than originally planned. The work has also been delivered without serious incidents. Plugging wells is a key part of the modernisation of the Valhall field centre, and thus also in the ambition to produce a total of two billion barrels from the giant in the North Sea.

The Maersk Invincible drilling rig left the Valhall field centre last week. That marked the end of several years of plugging operations on the field. A total of 30 old wells from the original drilling platform (DP) have been plugged over the course of three campaigns since 2014.

Removing and renewing

Aker BP is operator and Pandion partner in Valhall. First oil flowed from the field in 1982. Since then, over a billion barrels of oil equivalent have been produced from the area – more than three times as much as expected at start-up.

“Plugging wells from the shutdown drilling platform is an important part of the Valhall modernisation. There are considerable remaining resources in the Valhall area, and our vision is to produce from the field up to 2050. We will maximise value creation from the area through new wells, flank developments and new technology.”Said Ole Johan Molvig Valhall Asset Manager

The original QP accommodation platform was removed in the summer of 2019. Over the course of the next few years, the original drilling platform and process platform will also be removed from the field centre. The original Hod wellhead platform, south of the Valhall field, will also be removed and replaced with a new.

Extending Valhall’s Lifetime with Well Plugging