Fagioli Celebrates the Successful Loadout of a 3207mT Jacket

June 1, 2021 | Oil & Gas | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

Fagioli was contracted by L&T Modular Fabrication Yard LLC for Transportation and Load out of D30-2 Jacket at their Modular Fabrication Yard in Sohar, Oman.

The Jacket weighing 3207mT and sized at 92m Long, 37.7m wide and 37.4m high was transported using Self Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMT). Fagioli used 144 Axles and 7 Power Pack Units for stated operations. While a 300 class barge was supplied by the client, management of barge including Mooring and Ballasting was under Fagioli’s scope, which was well engineered/executed safely and successfully.