G8 and Holim Tech Korea Enters Agreement to Jointly Develop 1.5GW Offshore Wind Project

January 3, 2022 | Renewables | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 3min

G8 and Holim Tech Korea Enters Agreement to Jointly Develop  1.5GW Offshore Wind Project with Next Generation Energy Storage  in South Korea.

The management of G8 and Holim Tech have entered into an agreement to develop 1.5GW of offshore wind in South Korea to power 500,000 homes and businesses with renewable energy. The overall power plant will be paired with the next generation ultra long life Lithium Ion energy storage system to provide stable and high quality power management to the grid.

G8 management and key members of Holim Tech inspected the construction site and coastal facilities for the deployment of wind turbines in November 2021, followed by the official signing ceremony of the 1.5GW project on 24 December 2021.

The wind power plant will feature an advance energy storage system (ESS) with next generation ultra stable lithium ion batteries from G8’s technology partner 3DOM to ensure optimum stabilization and energy management to the grid.  It is also planned that the high voltage subsea power cables shall be installed with G8’s precision cable lay and protection technologies to ensure the maximum long term security of the power connection to the grid. The facilities and offshore turbine structures specified shall utilize global leading standards while supporting the local construction and marine industries.

“We are pleased to initiate the commercial execution of this significant project after detailed evaluation and planning, with local authority permission to proceed. The construction and operations of our turbine plant here will also contribute to future job creation.” Pascal Cheon, G8 Korea’s COO commented.