G8 Completes Singapore Northern Woodlands Cable Landing

November 15, 2020 | Renewables | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

G8 SUBSEA successfully completed the landing and pull-in of the world’s first Submarine cable for Offshore Solar power and data. The Northern cable landing is situated at Woodlands is being installed to transmit critical data back to mainland with over 5MW of clean renewable energy back to the network infrastructure on the mainland.

The cable landing process is facilitated by G8 SUBSEA’s proprietary cable landing protection system – Cable Protection Duct System(CPDS). G8’s Cable Protection Duct System (CPDS) reduces the cost of cable landings by a factor of 10 by mitigating the use of expensive Horizontal Directional Drilling methods. The system is applicable to both Telecommunications and High Voltage subsea cables and ensures the long term safety of the cable on both sea and land portions of the cable landing.

”We are looking towards greater cost effectiveness and security to network connectivity into Singapore, 2020 marks a year of transformation to renewable energy and the future of Singapore 5G networks.” G8 Managing Director Gerald Tan commented.

G8 Subsea is Asia’s leading Subsea engineering solutions company with an extensive track record to constructing and protecting regional submarine networks. G8 is developing the next generation cable systems across the region to facilitate Singapore’s Energy and 5G telecomminications network transformation.