Global Decommissioning Market Net Worth $85 billion

November 28, 2019 | Oil & Gas | Redactie | 2min

Oil and Gas UK (OGUK) Decommissioning Insight report 2019 states that the rise of UK specialist decommissioning firms within the global oilfield dismantling will confront a $85 billion market over the next decade.

According to the Oil and Gas UK (OGUK) report, launched at the Offshore Decommissioning Conference in St Andrews, co-hosted with Decom North Sea, cultivating a wider array of capabilities will better equip the UK supply chain to challenge global rivals for a piece of the action.

Among the newcomers are companies and consortia who aim to deliver a full range of decommissioning services, for example, Fairfield Decom Limited, a joint venture between Aberdeenshire-based DECOM ENERGY LIMITED, Dutch heavy-lift vessel owner Heerema Marine Contractors and Norway’s AF OFFSHORE DECOM UK LTD.

The throng also includes those who intend to focus on more specific tasks like well decommissioning, in the case of Well-Safe Solutions, of Aberdeen.

Their arrival on the scene means operators can choose whether to do decommissioning work themselves or pass it onto new supply chain firms offering competitive solutions and innovative business models.