Global Gravity and Verton Become Partners

December 1, 2020 | Oil & Gas | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 3min

Global Gravity and Verton become partners in offshore drilling operational safety

Two international innovators in heavy lifting are joining forces to improve safety on offshore platforms. Global Gravity has engaged Verton to be the agent in Australia for its world-first TTRS, Tubular Transport Running System – TubeLock ®. This all-in-one pipe handling system allows all loading and preparation to be done onshore, making offshore handling smarter and safer.

Verton Australia is the ideal partner for this product, as its gyroscopic lifting beams are the first in the world to allow hands-free heavy lifting, making taglines obsolete and setting a new standard in safe lifting.

In addition, Global Gravity has signed on to be Verton’s agent in Denmark, strengthening the relationship and making safe lifting more widely available.

Managing director of Verton, Trevor Bourne, is excited by the possibilities created by combining these technologies.

“Global Gravity’s TubeLock® system integrates seamlessly with Verton’s lifting beams and spreader bars, providing significantly faster and safer operations,” he said.

“TubeLock® has an impressive list of benefits, including the reduction of handling by 50 per cent, and increasing deck space on offshore rigs by 60 per cent due to its streamlined design, which also optimises workflow by merging storage and running in one operation.

“The addition of Verton’s wireless lifting products adds significant additional efficiency and safety.

“Our lifting devices remotely orientate loads into position without the need for taglines. Our gyroscopes and smart control systems remove the need for personnel to be near or beneath loads, which is of particular priority in the challenging conditions on offshore platforms.”

COO, Tom Rasmussen said that they were looking forward to this mutually beneficial collaboration, and an upcoming joint event.

“We see great potential in offering the unique combination of Global Gravity´s TubeLock® and Verton´s innovative lifting technology to our clients in the offshore drilling industry. The combination will increase the safety of handling pipes offshore with no personnel in direct contact with the pipes, and fewer handlings” he said.

“The industry needs an innovative and strong solution to optimise workflow offshore in order to create safer and more efficient pipe handling, eliminating expensive downtime – this is it,” he said.