Iberdrola Celebrates Demolition of the Velilla Thermal Power Plant

November 7, 2021 | Alternative Energy | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

Positioned as a leader in the fight against climate change on the eve of COP26, Iberdrola is the largest electricity company in the world without coal production and is advancing towards its goal of becoming emission-neutral in Europe by 2030

The demolition at the Velilla thermal power plant is a giant step towards a greener, more competitive and sustainable economy

At 16.05, the cooling tower at the Valilla del Río Carrión thermal power plant in Palencia was demolished as part of the dismantling work, 56 years after it was commissioned and 15 months after closure. The step was ordered at the end of 2017. The controlled explosion was a symbolic moment in our country’s transformation into a green, competitive, sustainable economy. Since 2001, Iberdrola has closed 17 thermal coal and fuel oil fired power plants around the world, most recently in Velilla and Lada in Spain. Positioned as a leader in the fight against climate change in the countdown to COP26, the company is the world’s largest coal-free electricity utility and is firmly committed to achieving emissions neutrality by 2030 in Europe.

Velilla was demolished under safe conditions with only minimal environmental impact. The one-hundred-metre high tower, which weighed more than 7,000 tonnes, was demolished using 82 kg of explosives and was electronically detonated. The demolition technique used is one of the most efficient for dismantling power plants. It reduces the risk to workers, encourages the circular economy and helps to reduce the environmental impact. The concrete and metal structure will be recycled.