ISS Eager to Construct Mega Solar Farm Projects In Texas

December 11, 2019 | Renewables | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

Innovative Solar Systems (ISS), is offering for immediate acquisition two large-scale solar PV projects in Texas. One project is a 125MW solar PV farm located in Fisher County, Texas, with an expected IA of January 2020 and a COD of December 2021. The second project is a 300MW solar PV farm located in Jones County, Texas, with an expected IA of December 2020 and a COD of February 2023.

These projects’ locations, proximity to major transmission assets, economies of scale, financeability, lucrative offtake, and economic position in the ERCOT market make them ideal projects for development by an investor.

Large solar PV projects in Texas attract the attention of both national and international investors for a good reason. The pace of solar energy’s expanding footprint in the Lone Star state has been and continues to be impressive, with Texas well on its way to becoming a leader in the US solar industry. Indeed, solar’s remarkable growth in the ERCOT market stems from two distinct needs.

First, older, less environmentally-friendly generation facilities like coal plants continue to close at a steady rate, leaving gaps in ERCOT’s generation capability. The dense population of Texas and its corresponding energy consumption cannot tolerate such a generation shortfall. Second, solar PV facilities satisfy the public’s demand for environmentally responsible, renewable sources of electricity.

Nationally and globally, polluting energy sources are being abandoned as people embrace methods of producing clean energy. Savvy investors understand the answer for producing required levels of electricity in the Texas market lies with renewable energy plants like utility-scale solar PV farms.