Joining JIP to Safely Push Operational Boundaries

March 29, 2021 | Maritime | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 3min

GustoMSC participates in a joint industry project (JIP) on leg bottom impact and partially jacked conditions. Due to the enormous increase in installation activity in recent years, and more yet to come, the installation conditions have attracted considerable attention, especially by operators in the wind industry. All contractors are optimizing their installation windows. Therefore there is a common basis for further development and understanding of the parameters involved, to reduce risks and optimize potential.

GustoMSC is at the forefront of technological development on this topic. They have for several years already utilized their inhouse developed software to address the installation conditions. GustoMSC participates in the JIP to support knowledge growth, industry awareness and to sharpen their own toolset to support further progress. GustoMSC also actively participates with advice in the technical sessions and have an active role in the steering committee.