MHI Vestas Raising the Bar in Offshore Lifting Operations

September 20, 2020 | Renewables | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

Installation of offshore wind turbines is about to become considerably safer thanks to the new partnership struck between renowned Danish wind turbine manufacturer, MHI Vestas, and the inventor of the world’s first remote-control load orientation solution, Verton. This exciting new partnership is the first step to transform MHI Vestas’ future installation operations in terms of speed, automation, and most importantly, safety.

Working on offshore wind projects presents unique challenges due to their inherent operational complexity and offshore location, and MHI Vestas has always been committed to continuous improvement of safety standards. As a leader in wind turbine technology it is fitting that MHI Vestas turned to a breakthrough technology to improve safety and efficiency of wind turbine installation.

MHI Vestas has previously announced its range of SMART Turbine products, including SMART Dampers to actively reduce fatigue loads on wind turbine towers. MHI Vestas has now signed with Verton to produce innovative new tooling to handle the SMART Dampers during WTG installation.

Managing Director of Verton, Trevor Bourne, said that the benefits integrating Verton technology to create this specialised tooling for MHI Vestas are significant.

“Working on offshore sites is difficult enough and is further complicated using taglines to control loads during lifting operations. “Our Columbus 7.5 SpinPod will be capable of precisely controlling the orientation of the custom lifting yoke and its load, including setting and holding a desired orientation, even under the most challenging conditions” he said.

“Our remote-control solution completely removes the need for taglines and for workers to be near the landing area of loads, greatly improving safety and reducing the number of workers required. The precise orientation control will also enable lifting operations to be completed faster, which is very important in an environment where every minute saved is highly valuable” he added.

MHI Vestas Chief Technology Officer Torben Hvid Larsen said of Verton’s technology, “With this partnership with Verton, we are introducing the next generation of load orientation equipment to MHI Vestas’ toolbox. This technology will enable us to increase our offshore handling capabilities and make our product and associated handling procedures smarter, safer and more flexible.”

Verton’s products are reinventing lifting operations in every area that counts. Their SpinPod technology provides the only comprehensive solution to the significant problems associated with using taglines – by making them obsolete. Verton is not only solving issues relating to safety and productivity, but also adding smart technology to provide HD video and onboard sensors, IoT connectivity, superior data analytics, and much more.

Verton is providing a solution for a difficult and dangerous job, making it safer, faster and smarter,” said Mr Bourne.

“It’s a necessary improvement to ensure people can come to work and then go home safe, every day.”

Both Verton and MHI Vestas are driven to create efficient, safe work environments, and this collaboration provides a notable example of complex requirements and innovation coming together to deliver enhanced outcomes for all stakeholders.