Neodrill Anounces Partnership with Intermoor

December 10, 2019 | Maritime | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

Neodrill, a leader in pre-rig technology solutions, has announced a global cooperation agreement with InterMoor – a global provider of mooring, foundations and subsea installation services.

Effective immediately, the new partnership is a global non-exclusive agreement that will see InterMoor support Neodrill with project execution, installation services and business development of its CAN technology. Specialising in the deployment and recovery of a wide range of subsea hardware, including suction anchors, the new contract will see InterMoor utilise its capabilities and experience to execute projects by providing project management, fabrication services, logistics, and delivering offshore operations for the CAN technology.

InterMoor has a global presence, with offices in key regions for Neodrill including Asia Pacific, West Africa, the Gulf of Mexico, Latin America and the North Sea.

Commenting on the news, Neodrill’s Chief Executive Officer, Jostein Aleksandersen said:

“In 2019 we experienced a huge amount of client growth and entered a number of new markets – including Australia, the Gulf of Mexico, and South East Asia. To properly serve this new growth we need to invest in new collaborations, and nurture our infrastructure, so that we are set up to operate at scale.

“As leading subsea services experts, InterMoor is a natural fit for a global partnership such as this. We look forward to working with the InterMoor team to bring our industry-leading CAN technology to our clients.”

Tom Fulton, Chief Technology Officer, InterMoor said:

“We are excited about this new cooperation agreement with Neodrill. InterMoor’s solid project management experience and our track record of years of offshore installation campaigns are the perfect match to develop new markets and deliver international projects for Neodrill’s CAN technology.”