Ocyan in Search for Energy that Drives the World

February 14, 2020 | Oil & Gas | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 3min

Ocyan, a company of the oil and gas industry, has just launched its purpose, defined as “Excellence in search for energy that drives the world”. The goal is to engage members and reinforce the company’s position as an important player in the industry, as well as the fundamental daily role of its internal audience, delivering our best to the customers and society as a whole. The purpose will inspire and guide the company in its main actions.

The purpose brings “excellence” as a transversal attribute that guides the Ocyan way of operating, reinforcing the company’s technical capacity; and the “search for the energy that drives the world” to present the company’s reason for existence, fully and humanly translating its contribution to the world.

“We reached the result after a period of studies on the topic, debates and internal discussions with our members, who brought important contributions, in addition to reinforcing the identification with Ocyan. We launched the purpose internally, valuing everyone who dedicates themselves daily in the company and strengthening the feeling of pride and belonging”, explains Nir Lander, Director of Planning and People at Ocyan.

The process started with the brand change in 2018, when Ocyan was created. At that time, the values, the positioning, the personality and the audience for which the company focuses its efforts were defined.

“We identified that we needed to think about our Purpose in a more strategic way and bring it as a guide for our business”, stresses the executive.

All company members, including senior management, actively participated in the debates on the topic, which was conducted internally by the Communication area and took about nine months.

Internal engagement
For the launch of the purpose disclosure campaign, an action was taken at the company’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and at the base in Macaé (RJ) in order to promote internal engagement. In the activity, the members watched the brand manifesto video of the purpose with the help of virtual reality glasses, activated by the energy generated when pedaling on a static bicycle. The motto of this campaign was a provocation to the participants with the question: “Do you believe in your energy?”

In the offshore environment, the presentation and engagement of the crew around the subject will take place through an experience of sharing moments of good energy with the same provocation. Polaroid cameras will be distributed on the drilling rigs and a panel will be mounted on board so that the members who work on board can share written and photographic messages also answering the question asked to the onshore environment, showing how their energies and excellence drive the world. The idea is that these stories and moments are the protagonists of this launch at sea.

“The purpose is an important step towards strengthening the relationship with our members and target audiences, in addition to being an Ocyan positioning for the market. It will be the guiding thread of several initiatives that are being developed, aiming at improving the experience of our internal audience on a daily basis at Ocyan”, concludes Lander.