OOS International Shares Update OOS Serooskerke and OOS Walcheren

May 23, 2020 | Maritime | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

OOS International Shares update OOS Serooskerke and OOS Walcheren.

The OOS Serooskerke: the vessel has been completed and currently sits along the quayside, preparing for sea trials and deployment.

The OOS Walcheren: both Offshore Mast Cranes were installed on the vessel. The entire duration from lifting the Offshore Mast Cranes off the barge and onto the OOS Walcheren took about 6 to 8 hours to complete, followed by stringent dimension control, surface preparation, welding and weld testing, which were completed in less than a week. This is a significant improvement compared to the OOS Serooskerke and clearly demonstrates the continuous learning attitude within the organization and strong partnership between OOS, Huisman and China Merchants.

The offshore Mast Cranes are currently being reeved up and the hydraulics system is being pressured up and tested before commencing on the crane load test, which is expected to start mid June.