Ørsted and DEME Successfully Complete Borssele 1 & 2 Foundation Campaign

June 7, 2020 | Renewables | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 3min

Wind farm developer Ørsted and DEME Offshore have successfully completed the installation of the 94 Borssele 1&2 foundations. The installation started in January this year. Despite COVID-19, the installation was completed on time.

The foundations were installed by DEME’s installation vessel Innovation. The Sif site in Rotterdam has been used as load out location for the foundations. The 94 monopiles were fabricated by Sif and EEW SPC. The 94 transition pieces came from Bladt and EEW OSB.

Jan Wind, Project Manager foundations for Borssele 1&2: “The process of designing, manufacturing and installing the foundations went very well and the milestone has been achieved in cooperation with experienced suppliers. We did this as one team, within Ørsted and with our suppliers. I thank everyone who contributed to this safe and smooth process.”

Jan-Mark Van Mastwijk, Business Unit Director Renewables at DEME Offshore: “It is a pleasure to work for Ørsted, which is a company driven by the same passion for technical optimisation and pioneering technology. Despite the challenges related to COVID-19, we achieved an excellent performance with our installation vessel ‘Innovation’, installing all 94 foundations in just five months. We also worked closely together to keep improving the safety processes and performance, learning from each other’s strengths and maintaining an open dialogue. We will continue to work on the turbine installation in the same spirit.”

Klaasjaap Buijs, Construction Manager for Borssele 1&2: “Even with our strict COVID-19 measures we are well on track with the construction of the wind farm. In the last few weeks we even had three jack-up vessels, two cable installation and burial vessels, two SOVs, one supply vessel and 11 CTVs on site. I’ve never seen such a busy site. We have already installed 74 of the 94 cables and 20 of the 94 turbines. The wind farm will be completed by the end of this year and will then supply green energy for one million households.”