Ørsted’s bespoke Service Operation Vessel ‘TSS Pioneer’ enters service at Greater Changhua offshore wind farms

May 17, 2022 | Renewables | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

Global offshore wind leader Ørsted today (17) held a ceremony at the Port of Taichung with Taiwanese vessel company Ta San Shang Marine Co. Ltd. to christen and name the first-ever purpose-built Service Operation Vessel (SOV) “TSS Pioneer” in the Asia-Pacific region.
The ceremony highlights Ørsted’s impressive progress towards the kick-off of the more than 25-year of operations and maintenance (O&M) phase of the 900 MW Greater Changhua 1 & 2a Offshore Wind Farms to ensure optimal wind farm performance and stable supply of clean energy.

Christy Wang, General Manager of Ørsted in Taiwan, says: “Ørsted has again demonstrated our pioneering role in Taiwan’s offshore wind industry with the launch of TSS Pioneer, as we are the one and only to introduce the state-of-the-art technology to ensure professional and efficient operation for our offshore wind farms. Ørsted outlined a clear vision few years ago to bring in world-class capabilities and foster a strong local offshore wind industry. In the O&M scope, we took the initiative further through signing the 15-year contract with TSS. Today’s ceremony marks the beginning of the long-term, value-creating and knowledge gaining O&M business for TSS, as well as our strong partnership.”

“TSS Pioneer” is the first Taiwan-flagged SOV customized to meet the specific requirements of the Greater Changhua offshore wind farms and Taiwan Strait conditions. It also represents exciting new opportunities for local vessel suppliers to gain experience in marine engineering, operations, and cultivate local talents for the O&M phase of offshore wind farms.

Andreas Munk-Janson, Head of Operations for Ørsted Asia-Pacific, says: “The deployment of the bespoke SOV, TSS Pioneer, is at the core of our capabilities to perform reliable and efficient O&M services to the highest levels. Ørsted has recruited and trained an outstanding Taiwanese O&M team who will help fulfil local energy ambitions in the decades ahead. Ørsted will bring world-class O&M expertise and capabilities to Taiwan and Asia Pacific, delivering the highest performance, quality and reliability for wind farms, whilst providing a safe working environment.”

Hrong-Nain Lin, Chairman of Ta San Shang Marine Co. Ltd, said: “Ta San Shang Marine is very pleased to support Taiwan’s clean energy goals, and work with Ørsted to build the ‘TSS Pioneer’ for the Greater Changhua offshore wind farms. Moreover, we feel proud to pioneer the local vessel industry to embrace new opportunities for offshore wind farm operations.”

TSS Pioneer is the “home away from home” for Ørsted’s O&M team and vessel crew. It includes cabins for 60 single cabins for O&M technicians and 27 cabins for the vessel crew. There are also recreational lounges, fitness facilities, and a variety of healthy catering for the health and well-being of the people onboard.

The SOV has a length of 85.48 meters, breadth of 19.5 meters, maximum scantling draught of 5.6 meters, and can safely withstand up to 2.5 meters in wave heights. Moreover, TSS Pioneer weights 5,872 tonnes, equals to approximately the weight of 31 crew transfer vessels, providing sufficient space and comfort for the O&M team and crew. It has a deadweight of 2,611.6 tonnes for storing supplies and equipment.

Finally, TSS Pioneer is equipped with several advanced technologies, such as a motion-compensated gangway to enable technicians to “walk to work,” a dynamic positioning system and a 3D motion-compensated crane to mitigate wind induced motions and strengthen work safety and efficiency.