PETROPERU Strikes Back Against Corruption

January 26, 2020 | Oil & Gas | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 4min

To date, 24 workers engaged within corruption have been dismissed.

After a rigorous investigation process, PETROPERÚ has fired 24 workers for being involved in acts of corruption for false invoices. Investigations continue to find other similar cases.

This was announced by the General Manager of PETROPERÚ, Carlos Barrientos Gonzales, who indicated that they will continue with these rigorous actions to fight corruption in the state-owned company, in line with its Integrity System and with the State Anti-Corruption Policy.

“This process of investigation, sanction and cleaning is being carried out for the respect that the vast majority of workers who work honestly deserve to ensure the viability of PETROPERÚ, as well as for all Peruvians, to whom we must give an account”, said.

Barrientos Gonzales said that the workers investigated have had the opportunity to present their discharges, which have been analyzed and verified objectively.

“I want to be emphatic in pointing out that these people have had the right to defense; we have ensured compliance with due process and that it acts within the law and with the impartiality that the seriousness of the case merits, ”he added.

Of the total dismissed, 13 were union leaders, some of whom charged more than 100 thousand Soles per year for per diem supported by false invoices. In this regard, Barrientos Gonzales ruled out that this investigation is against the trade union organizations and assured that it will continue with it at all hierarchical levels of the company.

“The fight against corruption and transparency is vital to strengthen PETROPERÚ,” he said at the time of indicating that he trusts that the Judiciary, the instance before which the dismissed have come to demand their replacement, enforces the law and sanctions the crimes committed.

An unique hearing will he held this Tuesday, January 29, in which the head of the Labor Specialized Court of Talara will resolve the demand for replacement of one of the dismissed workers.

“We are sure that justice will know how to accompany the anti-corruption effort we have begun,” he added.

Barrientos Gonzales said that in addition to the administrative processes that concluded with the dismissals of the workers, PETROPERÚ is filing a first criminal complaint against 27 workers for documentary falsification and illegal appropriation. As quantified by the first workers investigated for per diem, the economic damage for the company exceeds one million soles in the last three years.