Petroperu’s Norperuano Pipeline Damaged After Explosive Attack

January 19, 2020 | Oil & Gas | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 3min

An explosive attack at Km 323 of the Norperuano Oil Pipeline (ONP) constitutes a turning point in terms of the safety of this critical asset of the nation, since it brings to mind the era of terrorism states Petroperu.

The Deputy Provincial Prosecutor of the Corporate Criminal Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Dátem del Marañón, José Manuel Tejada Mendocilla, accompanied by police personnel from the San Lorenzo Rural Police Station and the Special Services Unit of Amazonas, went to Km 323 of Section II of the Norperuano Oil Pipeline (ONP), where a detonation was reported the previous day. The explosive attack occured in a wooded and inhospitable area, close to the community of Santa Rosa, Manseriche district, Dátem del Marañón province, Loreto region.

The fiscal act determined burns in the vegetation located two meters from the ONP; In the same way, they found the dent of the pipe and possible burn in the polyethylene coating of the pipeline, considered a national critical asset.

The authorities of the community of Santa Rosa issued a pronouncement in which they describe the act as a criminal act committed by facinerose and announce the adoption of several security measures to control the entry of foreigners to their territory.

This serious attack demonstrates the need to strengthen the security of the ONP, coordinate actions between the different institutions of the State – including law enforcement, the public ministry and the different government agencies, civil society and the oil industry.

PetroPeru said: Together we must deploy all efforts to find and punish those responsible for these crimes that put at serious risk not only the environment but also the health and life of people, as well as producing substantial losses for the country.