Royal IHC Introduces New Generation Seafloor Drill Rig

April 11, 2020 | Oil & Gas | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 3min

New generation seafloor drill rig is ready to prod the offshore market, from shallow water Offshore Wind & Renewables to the ultra-deep Oil & Gas and Mining sectors.

The next generation seabed geotechnical drill SWORD (sonic wireline-operated remote drill) has successfully completed an extensive testing programme including harbour trials.

SWORD is now ready to be set-up onto its permanent vessel and start sea trials, the final milestone before entering the market. Discussions are progressing with major operators in all concerned industries: Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas, Offshore Mining for operating SWORD to the benefit of their projects.

SWORD collects undisturbed soil samples and in situ testing data for the purpose of designing foundation or anchoring of offshore structures, or alternatively for assessing mineral resources for mining. But unlike conventional drilling vessels, SWORD does it sitting on the seabed and controlled from the surface, thus eliminating heave effect and reducing weather dependency.

TI Geosciences LTD is a corporate start-up supported by Royal IHC and driven by leading industry specialists. Based in Blyth, UK, TI Geosciences benefits from the support and global reach of IHC’s international network of office, production and engineering facilities.

Martijn Schouten, Executive Director at TI Geosciences, said: “Despite the most challenging current context, SWORD is rising strong interest from major players in all three targeted industries. SWORD will be disruptive in its contribution to lowering costs and reducing uncertainties in the development of offshore projects.”