SAAM Towage Canada Transports New Electric Ferries for Final Testing

March 11, 2020 | Maritime | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 3min

SAAM Towage Canada performed a special service transporting BC Ferries’ first two electric hybrid ferries from Ogden Point to Point Hope Maritime, where inspection and final testing will be conducted.

Scheduled to begin operating mid-year, the ferries have 300-person, 47-vehicle capacity and feature low CO2 and noise emissions.

“We organized this service in record time and were able to complete it successfully “thanks to the commitment and teamwork of our professional and experienced crew and operational staff,” noted SAAM Towage Canada Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Bikkers.

The crews of the tugs Salish and Hyack were in charge of the operation, which spanned 80 nautical miles and lasted close to 26 hours from port to port.

The executive added that the expertise of the company’s personnel is evident in this type of operation, which requires balancing the strength of the tug boats with the precision necessary to adequately protect the ships.