Sarens Committed Towards Sustainability with Green Initiatives

February 4, 2020 | Renewables | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 3min

Sarens installs solar panels at Headquarters in Belgium

As part of the ongoing green initiatives, Sarens recently installed 2886 solar panels on the headquarters roofs and warehouses. With a total investment of around €1 million, the solar panels can produce up to 575kWh electricity in an hour. Technically, in 6 hours the panels produce electricity for the yearly consumption of a family (695 000 kWh) and electricity for 200 household annually. This installation will cover around 60 percent of the electricity needs of Sarens.

According to our Real Estate Team, “We will continue to invest more in green energy. We will allocate another €0,25 million in solar panels at other Sarens’ locations in Belgium.” They further add, “By 2024, we aim to further invest in solar panels as well as wind turbines with a goal of producing electricity for the yearly consumption of at least 2000 households.”

In the 65 countries the company operates, Sarens activities not only comply with the needs and requirements of the market but are also implemented with respect for the environment. We take measures to use energy and natural raw materials sparingly and investigate alternatives to the use of non-renewable sources of energy. All Sarens employees worldwide work towards minimising the effect on the environment and management is constantly working on new green solutions to minimize the Sarens carbon footprint in an era that most needs actions and void promises.