Sarens Installed 30 WTG Lagerwey Wind Turbines In Adygea, Russia

July 20, 2020 | Renewables | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

Red Wind B.V. recently contracted Sarens to install thirty WTG Lagerwey wind turbines at the wind farm in Adygea, Russia. Sarens coordinated all the in-park logistics required to transport the turbines from the storage warehouse to the installation site and was then responsible for installing each turbine, including all interior electrical and mechanical components.

Sarens selected two main cranes for this project: the Terex SL3800-1 and the Terex Demag TC2800-1, which were on site from July through November of 2019. These cranes were selected for their capacity and relocation speed, taking into consideration the project’s location and the closest available Sarens BU.

The Terex Demag TC2800-1 was delivered from the Sarens yard in Minsk, Belarus, via 27 trucks. It travelled approximately 2.500 kilometres, and the journey took seven days. The Terex SL3800-1 was transported over the course of four weeks, travelling from Sohachew, Poland via rail and then via 30 trucks. This meant that Sarens had to coordinate a smooth transition between rail and road transport, unloading and reloading the equipment along the way. Complex customs regulations provided an additional layer of complexity.

With the cranes and auxiliary equipment on site, Sarens could begin to execute its two primary responsibilities: turbine transport and installation.

“It was a big challenge to work on this project,” says Andrei Popov, Country Manager for Sarens Russia.”  Sarens took responsibility for all the steps involved in installing the WTG, except for the foundations.”

Sarens Terex SL3800-1 Russia