Sarens Installs 15 Turbine Generator Columns at Hinkley Point C

Sarens helps install the supporting steel columns in the Turbine Hall at the HPC Power Plant in the UK

Sarens was commissioned to install fifteen 16m long steel turbine generator columns in the Turbine Hall at the Unit 1 of the Hinkley Point C power plant. The steel columns will form the base of one of the biggest turbine generators in the world.

The columns will be eventually filled with structural concrete and will support a 2,500m3 concrete turbine table upon which world’s largest turbine will be installed.

Sarens deployed LTM1250, AC160, and a Goldhofer 6 axle SPMT to move the turbine generator columns and install them in the Turbine Hall.

In the Turbine Hall pressurised steam created by heat from the twin reactors will be used to turn the turbine and generate electricity. Once completed, the power station will generate 3,260MW of zero-carbon electricity for 60 years.