Sarens Scores Turnkey Contract for NuScale Small Modular Reactor

NuScale Power and Prodigy Clean Energy, a Canadian company that designs and develops marine nuclear plants for safe, affordable and sustainable energy generation, have just announced a second Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to support business development opportunities for a marine-deployed nuclear generating station powered by the NuScale Small Modular Reactor (SMR).

NuScale Power and Prodigy Clean Energy have been collaborating since 2018, investigating the feasibility of integrating NuScale Power Modules™ (NPMs) into Prodigy’s Marine Power Station and have completed the conceptual design and economic assessment phases.

Last December, NuScale also announced that it had finalized an agreement with Sarens USA to support deployment of its groundbreaking small modular reactor (SMR) and provide a cash investment in NuScale. Sarens, the global leader in crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport, will provide both heavy crane supply for construction as well as engineering, and transportation planning, and will be the key heavy haul provider that gets the NuScale Power Module™ from the factory to the first site.

NuScale’s exclusive engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract partner and majority investor, Fluor Corporation, will also utilize Sarens for construction site cranes.

Sarens will also be supporting NuScale Power Module™ assembly work for the development of the NuScale power plant for the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) Carbon Free Power Project (CFPP). Under the scope of the agreement, work with Sarens will begin over the next few months.

In this new agreement, Prodigy will specialize in integrating commercial SMRs into marine power plant systems for coastal power generation. Prodigy’s SMR Marine Power Station would be shipyard-fabricated, and marine-transported to its deployment location, where it would be moored in place in sheltered and protected waters at the shoreline. Once berthed, the plant would be connected to the existing shore-side transmission system, avoiding the significant capital costs associated with terrestrial nuclear power plant deployments.

Statements from NuScale, Prodigy, and Sarens

“We are proud to collaborate with and welcome investment from Sarens, yet another great global company that recognizes the value of our groundbreaking technology,” said NuScale Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Hopkins. “Sarens’ expertise in engineering, heavy haul and heavy lifting will be invaluable as we work towards the construction phase of our first plant in Idaho and begin to build our revolutionary power plant technology. We look forward to working with them in this exciting new venture towards the commercialization of America’s first SMR.”

“We look forward to our continued work with NuScale Power to integrate their flexible, proven and advanced SMR technology into Prodigy’s marine plant system,” said Mathias Trojer, Prodigy Clean Energy Chief Executive Officer. “Our combined technologies can generate scalable clean energy at any coastal location. Together, we will rapidly expand the accessibility of safe, zero-emissions, and reliable energy globally, as well as to locations right here in Canada.”

“We are honored to be collaborating with NuScale. Sarens firmly supports a well-diversified green energy mix for the world’s future energy demands. Our dedicated, U.S. based Sarens Nuclear & Industrial Services team draws upon many years of experience in the U.S. nuclear industry. We are confident Sarens’ international footprint and experience will be instrumental in supporting NuScale’s global strategy. We thank NuScale for the trust they have shown in Sarens’ capacity to deliver this key-project,” said Wim Sarens, CEO of Sarens.

NuScale made history in August 2020 as the first small modular reactor to ever receive design approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. NuScale’s innovative design has unparalleled safety and reliability features, and its modular design makes it flexible, economic, and faster to build. The fully factory-fabricated elements of NuScale’s design take safety-related fabrication work out of the field, lessening the risk to both cost and schedule, and realizing the benefits of repetitive factory fabrication.