Smooth Delivery of the World’s First Integrated LNG Core Process Modules

May 21, 2022 | Oil & Gas | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

Recently, two core process modules completed by COOEC for Shell’s LNG (liquefied natural gas) project in North America were delivered in Qingdao, Shandong.

The two modules are the world’s first integrated core process modules. During the construction of these modules, COOEC overcame the technical challenges in the joint design and construction of core process modules and pipe gallery modules, independently carried out China’s first operation of degreasing of core LNG process modules, and achieved innovation in multiple processes and technologies, signifying that China’s ability to construct modular LNG plants has reached the world-leading level.

The two modules delivered are the core process modules of the AGRU (acid gas removal unit) that are as high as a 16-storey residential building. This unit removes acid gas during raw gas preprocessing and plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the entire LNG plant. Under the traditional construction mode, pipe gallery modules and core process modules are designed, constructed and installed separately at site. COOEC adopted the mode of integrated modular construction, greatly improved the degree of integration of these modules and reduced the workload of onsite installation by half through the use of new processes. The modular construction method has apparent advantages in terms of overall progress and cost control.

In addition, the two modules need to be degreased according to the LNG process requirements. This operation has been carried out by foreign companies only. Through independent R&D, COOEC successfully developed a complete set of technologies, filled the gap in independent LNG module degreasing technology in China, independently developed a set of central control equipment to monitor the degreasing process in real time, and finally complied with the stringent acceptance criteria and won the owner’s praise.

Mr. Yu Yi, the chairman of the board, said that COOEC always aims to deliver “the safest project on Earth” and actively promotes the integration of its IIF culture with “mutual care” as the core and its safety philosophy of “people orientation and care for employees”; COOEC has made an outstanding achievement of 30 million safe man-hours, overcome the challenges and difficulties in the joint design and construction of core process modules and pipe gallery modules, delivered the second shipment of core process modules with “zero punch item”, and fully demonstrated its capability in the construction of high-end LNG modules; in the future, COOEC will continue to strengthen process control, continuously improve intrinsic safety management, and make every effort to complete and deliver a high-quality project.

COOEC undertook the construction of 35 modules for this project, including all the 19 core process modules with a total weight of about 180 thousand tons. The first core utility module was delivered to the installation site in March 2022. Currently, these 35 modules are under construction or final assembly, and the overall construction progress is about 80%.