Steel-Cutting Ceremony for Shimizu Latest Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

December 9, 2020 | Renewables | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 3min

Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU) hosted a hull steel-cutting ceremony at their Kure shipyard for Shimizu Corporation’s self-elevating wind turbine installation vessel. Adhering to COVID-19 safety measures, representatives from both Shimizu and Fukada Salvage & Marine Works, the vessel operator, attended the modest ceremony and toured the JMU shipyard.

Equipped with a GustoMSC™ telescopic leg crane and rack and pinion jacking system, the 142 m long by 50 m wide vessel will accommodate 130 people once completed. The GustoMSC designed vessel will be the largest self-elevating platform for offshore wind installation in Japan and capable of installing next generation wind turbines.

Steel-Cutting Ceremony for Shimizu Latest Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

SC-14000XL jack-up design with Telescopic Crane for Japan</strong
Early August Japanese construction conglomerate Shimizu Corporation ordered the construction of the GustoMSC SC-14000XL jack-up with an integrated Telescopic Leg Crane with the shipyard Japan Marine United. This unit will be the largest self-elevating platform for offshore wind installation to date in Japan and capable of installing wind turbines up to 12 MW.

This positions Shimizu Corporation as one of the key players in offshore wind installation in this region, as there is no vessel available that can cope with the installation of the larger turbines.

GustoMSC, an NOV company, has worked with Shimizu Corporation on the design of the vessel, while Shimizu will work in cooperation with Fukada Salvage Construction on the operations management of the vessel. The JMU shipyard will carry out the construction of the unit with an expected delivery late 2022.

“After the successful delivery of a GustoMSC-designed SEP by JMU earlier this year, we are very pleased to continue our business with JMU on this prominent new project for Shimizu Co. This SEP will be ready for installing the next generation wind turbines in the important and growing Japanese market as well as adjacent markets”, according Jan-Mark Meeuwisse, Commercial Director for renewables at GustoMSC.

The telescoping leg crane
Key equipment on board is the GustoMSC Telescopic Leg Crane, offering an innovative combination of high hoisting capability for turbine installation and heavy load capability for foundation installation. The telescopic boom avoids protrusion of a very long crane boom outside the hull dimensions during transit, increasing transit conditions and maneuverability in ports.

The crane capacity for foundations sums up to 2,500 t at a height of 121 m, and wind turbine components can be installed at a staggering height of 161 m, with a maximum load of 1,250 t. With the right capacity at the right height this tool is future proof for the maintenance and installation of the new generation offshore WTG’s.

The SC-14000XL jack-up design
The GustoMSC SC-14000XL jack-up design is specifically tailored to Shimizu’s requirements. The vessel will be 142 m long, 50 m wide, and will have a total tonnage of 28,000 t and accommodate 130 persons. Besides the Telescopic Leg Crane, the unit will be equipped with the GustoMSC Rack & Pinion jacking system with a variable speed drive, a uniquely integrated piece of equipment, offering high performance, reliability and safety.