TenneT’s DolWin kappa platform arrives in German North Sea

August 22, 2022 | Renewables | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

TenneT’s DolWin kappa has now arrived in the German North Sea ready for the 900MW offshore converter station to be installed next to DolWin beta.

TenneT has carried out the sail-out of the offshore platform DolWin kappa from the Dragados Offshore shipyard in Cádiz, Spain.

The platform consists of a foundation structure (jacket) and a superstructure (topside).
The two have a combined height of about 82 metres, so the platform will rise about 53 metres above the surface of the North Sea.

In addition, there will be a bridge that will connect DolWin kappa with DolWin beta (grid connection system DolWin2), which was already commissioned in 2016, in order to efficiently use the already existing infrastructure of the parent platform.

It was transported to the site by world’s largest service vessel, the Pioneering Spirit.