The Esvagt Dana Performs Superbly as Diving Support Vessel

March 31, 2020 | Maritime | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 3min

The ‘Esvagt Dana’ has been servicing Vår Energi and SubseaPartner with diving operations in the Barents Sea

“It’s a diving vessel!”

That is the clear message coming from the divers who had the ‘Esvagt Dana’ as their base during last year’s operations on the Goliat platform in the Barents Sea.

“The ‘Esvagt Dana’ provided dive support to 40 divers on board, and all parties have been particularly satisfied”, says Toni Mignola, Vår Energi.

The vessel created a good platform for this type of operation where high manoeuvrability and agility to support dive operations was reached. The vessel operated safely and competently inside the safety zone close to Goliat, and the ensemble including the Fast Rescue Boat transport worked excellently.

Anders Remøy Bertelsen, Chief Operations Officer at SubseaPartner also praises the vessel and crew: “Using Light Diving Crafts for diving operations in close vicinity of installations requires a dedicated mother vessel to obtain a high operational efficiency. The method involves a large amount of personnel transfers between the mother vessel and our Light Diving Craft, and we were very satisfied of the ‘Esvagt Dana’s performance”, says Anders Remøy Bertelsen:

“The ‘Esvagt Dana’s marine crew performed the tasks at the highest safety standard, and SubseaPartner dive team members later emphasized this to be one of the most successful campaigns with regards to the shuttle transfer all because of the professional and competent marine crew on board the ‘Esvagt Dana”, he adds.

Good performance

The experience was just as much of a pleasure for ESVAGT. Captain Jann Bach has nothing but praise for the crew and vessel: “The vessel is excellent for the job. The vessel’s arrangement comprised of single man cabins, useful facilities and direct access to working on deck have all been ideal for the divers – we have had a comfortable work period together, a continued all-time low fuel consumption, and the optimal surroundings for getting the job done, which the divers have highly appreciated this”, he says.

“We can also be proud of the crew’s job of accomplishing the job in a tremendous way. The Barents Sea offers difficult work in challenging weather, and we have drawn on ESVAGT’s strong safety culture and unique boat competences to a great extent”, says Jann Bach:

“We carried out 2,080 FRC david operations and 1,997 personnel transfers over the span of 24 days, and we have had no personal injury nor near miss. Vessel performance with notable low energy efficiency and boat performance were both impeccable. We haven’t had one negative learning card, only positive. We can be proud about that”, he emphasises.