The Value of Rehearsing

February 24, 2020 | Renewables | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 3min

Working on a complex operation is a challenging task for everyone. A lot of different disciplines must work together in the project team.

RoC drill of an OSS Harbour Operation

Complex projects in the energy and offshore industry often take place over long periods of time. Operational design and Methodology can undergo many changes that the whole project team will have to implement.

To have all these efforts coordinated and implemented successfully in the execution of the project is a particular challenge.

“Planning never fails…but execution does”
Carsten Sølund – RoC Consult ApS

When the project plan is executed many unforeseen interfaces come up. All the different elements and disciplines come together in time and space. This often leads to the discovery of unexpected issues that leads to risk in relation to safety, cost and the timely delivery of the project.

There might be an overseen method to mitigate some of the risk involved in working with complex projects.

The military have a strong culture of rehearsing before executing complex operations. The process is called a Rehearsal of Concept drill (RoC drill) and it is a practical hands-on method where the operation is rehearsed on a physical model/mock-up before execution.

In the commercial industry there is a strong focus on operation, which sometimes causes a gap between planning and execution. It is time to close this gap with a RoC drill.

RoC drill of an OSS Harbour Operation

Benefits of a rehearsal of your projects include saved cost, time and a chance to mitigate risk.

Planning is everything, so rehearse your project plan before you execute it.
Carsten Sølund – RoC Consult ApS

Carsten Sølund Jensen, the CEO/Founder of RoC Consult ApS

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