Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam (VER) presents VERticale

November 29, 2022 | Sponsored News | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 2min

Efficient installation tool for future wind farms
With the demand for larger capacities, Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam’s new Foundation Installation Vessel (FIV) ‘VERticale’ combines proven technology with a mind-blowing simplicity. This new FIV concept has been the result from our continuous evolving experience in offshore wind installation.
The challenge was to find a balance between vessel capabilities for installing future wind turbine generator foundations, with a clear focus on CAPEX minimization. VERticale is developed for an optimized deck layout and proven equipment package. This results in an efficient installation tool for future wind farms .The location of the offshore crane, motion compensated gripper and position of monopiles are all finetuned for efficiency.
The transport layout with vertical positioned monopiles results in a compact vessel of 218 x 70 meters. For monopile or jacket installation, the VERticale is fitted with a 5.000mt offshore crane with sufficient lifting height and overturning moment. In combination with tailor made sea fastening structures, this results in minimum offshore handling operations during monopile installation.
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