KenzFigee Refurbished Cornelis Tromp

April 1, 2020 | Maritime | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 3min

The furbished Lemniscate crane ‘Cornelis Tromp’ of Maja Stuwardoors Groep B.V. left the KenzFigee yard in its full glory!

KenzFigee said they are proud of their dedicated team of service engineers, who made ‘Cornelis’ strong and fit for its duty again. After 5 months of hard work the slewing gears, upper-, fore- and rear arm of ‘Cornelis’ have been checked, improved and refurbished to new. ‘Cornelis’ has become strong and fit again to resume its duty, with an expected lifespan of the complete top segment of the crane of about 30 years!

During the last phase of the refurbishment KenzFigee also had to implement various precautions on their yard to prevent spread of the corona virus. Thanks to all precautions taken, fortunately, everyone on the yard stayed safe and healthy!