PETROPERÚ Launced Cleaning Campaign in Talara

January 31, 2020 | Oil & Gas | Energy Facts Staff Writer | 4min

Under the motto, together for a cleaner city, Project “Support for the Provincial Municipality of Talara in the Solid Waste Management of the city” promoted by PETROPERÚ records its first results.

Quebrada Yale in the North Cone, the back zone of the educational institution (IE) 15509, the Quebrada Nuevo Horizonte -in the urban area- and the side of the EI Felipe Santiago Salaverry, in Enace, have been cleaned from all the waste residue and left showing its attractive landscape for the neighbors; who, together with the commune, will resume to keep the areas clean with the objective of maintaining an attractive city for both those who live in it and future visitors.

During a 10 week period, a cleaning crew of 50 strong cleaned the Yale Gorge and gathered, collected and removed 2,200 m³ of waste that was accumulated over years, caused by negligent behavior from people who threw waste and allowed others to do so.

The cleaned area, that should attract tourist to this city, looks fantastic thanks to the efforts of Talareño neighbors of the Northern Cone, who have been carrying out the cleaning works in that sector of the city.

Likewise, the back area of ​​IE 15509 is now recuperated and clean thanks to the work of 60 cleaners who managed to remove 25 m³ of garbage and  have planted plants on the cleaned area which were donated by the Municipality of Talara.

At the New Horizon Gorge and the side of the EI Felipe Santiago Salaverry, 5,000 and 2,500 m³ of waste have been removed, with a respectively Talarean force  of 70 man strong.

The neighbors are invited to help keep these spaces clean with appropriate civic behaviors and with a vigilant attitude that sanctions socially those neighbors who are not engaged in joint work.

PETROPERÚ reaffirms its commitment to continue the work to recover the 43 outstanding critical points, together with the support of the Provincial Municipality and the residents of Talareños, who are welcome to participate in the public cleaning campaigns that began on Monday, January 20 in the North Cone, 27 in the Southern Cone and that will continue on February 3 in Talara Centro and 10 of the same month, in Ciudad Satélite.

An advance of 51%
As of December 31, 2019, solid waste cleaning work in 21 of the 47 critical points identified, recorded an eradication progress of 51%, with 6 211.6 m³ of waste removed.

Among the points that continue to intervene are the human settlement (AH) Maruja Sullón, the former Talara cinema, the intersection of Av. H with IE 15510, the AH Sol de Oro, the Talara road to Negritos – in front of the urbanization James Storm-, the urbanization Los Jazmines, the area known as Cat’s tail and the AH Mario Aguirre.

In addition to eradicating more than 40 critical points of solid waste accumulation, PETROPERÚ will contemplate the formalization of recycling points, an awareness campaign on the correct management of solid waste and the proper development of economic activities.

This project is carried out in coordination with the Provincial Municipality of Talara and is part of the Local Development Support Program of the Community Relations Plan of the Environmental Impact Study of the Talara Refinery Modernization Project, aligned with the Company’s Social Management Plan.